Sanitation Department

397 S. Nelson Avenue
(937) 382-6474
Landfill Office Hours- 7:00am- 3:00pm
Waste Drop-Off Hours- 7:00am- 2:30pm

Superintendent Mike Crowe

The City of Wilmington operates a residential Refuse Collection Service for the benefit and convenience of its residents. Service details and regulations governing the collection of garbage, trash, and other refuse are listed below. In order for the City to provide the best possible service to all customers, it is important that each resident understand and follow the rules and guidelines.

The employees of the Refuse Collection Department work hard to provide good, reliable, year round service, often under difficult weather conditions. Our goal is to furnish high quality service at a reasonable cost. With your consideration and help, we can continue to realize this goal.

If you have any questions concerning the refuse collection service, please call 382-6474.

Concerns and complaints pertaining to the Sanitation Department can also be directed to the Mayor’s office between the hours of 8am-4pm at 382-5458.


Hours of Operation

Landfill Office Hours- 7:00am- 3:00pm
Waste Drop-Off Hours- 7:00am- 2:30pm
(2:30pm is the “Last Load” cutoff)

Household Responsibilities

On your trash day simply wheel the cart out within 5 ft. from the curb or alley. Face the handle towards your property and lid arrows pointing towards the street. Keep the cart at least 3 ft. away from all other objects and have a minimum of 10 ft. of height clearance from utility lines or trees. 

Protecting the cart is the responsibility of the resident. Keep it clean and always bag your trash before putting it inside. The City reserves the right to charge for carts that are damaged through neglect, vandalism, or abuse.

All trash must be placed inside the cart with the lid completely closed. The 95 gallon cart can hold ten 13 gal.  garbage bags and the 65 gallon cart can hold six. If you have a need for additional carts, the added charge for servicing will only be a 50% increase to the waste portion only on the utility billing. Statistically 1 in 500 households require an additional container. Extra waste set out near your cart will not get collected. If bulk item collection is needed, simply schedule for the pickup by contacting the Sanitation Department at 937-382-6474.

Never place the following items in the cart: Hot embers, dirt, rocks, compost, large construction/demolition debris, paints, oils, or any hazardous materials.

Yard Waste

Residents are encouraged to recycle their grass clippings and yard waste debris by using it as mulch or compost material. Leaving grass clippings on your lawn is healthy for the yard as well as a good recycling technique.

The City of Wilmington maintains an Ohio EPA regulated Class IV composting site for use by Wilmington residents. Residents may bring yard waste loads containing no other trash or debris to this facility.

As part of its service, the City will, also collect grass clippings, weeds, leaves, prunings, etc. if placed in paper yard waste bags which are purchased from the City of Wilmington. These bags are $1.50 each and can only be purchased at the following locations; Ace Hardware on Rombach Avenue, the Utility Billing Department located on the first floor of the Municipal Building, and the Landfill located on Nelson Avenue. The City will not pick up any other type of bag from any other retailer.

Small amounts of brush will be picked up as part of the regular yard waste collection service, at no extra charge. Brush and limbs must be cut in no longer than 4′ lengths and bundled tightly with twine. Bundles must be easy for one person to lift and throw into a dump truck. It is not the intent of the service to provide for removal of entire trees.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees will be collected at no charge when placed in your normal trash location area. Weather permitting, this is normally done during the first two weeks of January.

Bulky Items/Special Pickups

The City will provide collection of large, bulky household items such as mattresses, furniture, carpet and appliances except air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers.

This bulky item pickup service is provided for those residents who occasionally have one of these items and is limited to the collection of three (3) bulky items per year, not for large quantities such as when a resident or renter moves or cleans up a property. You MUST schedule a bulk pick-up with the landfill staff by calling 937-382-6474 between 7:00am-3:00pm. If you do not schedule a bulk pick-up with the office, your item will not be removed.

When a large volume is involved, all such items must be hauled to the Wilmington Landfill by the property owner or tenant.

Carpet which is collected at curbside must be cut and rolled into no longer than 4’ lengths and no more than 10” in diameter, tied with twine, and be easy for one person to lift into a dump truck. The charge for collection of carpet is $45.00 for up to 10 rolls. Carpet may, also, be brought to the Wilmington Landfill for disposal. Normal dumping fees will apply.

Voluntary Curbside Recycling Program

In an effort to make recycling more convenient to all of Wilmington’s residents, a voluntary curbside recycling program has been implemented.  Recyclables are picked up each bi-weekly on regular refuse pick-up days beginning Spring 2018. For more information on the new Automated Recycling program please visit our page.

Other Refuse

Regular waste collection service and special pickup does not include collection of building/construction material, for example, lumber, shingles, plywood, tiles, drywall, windows, toilets, bathtubs, fencing , concrete, bricks, rocks, dirt, sand, tires, car batteries, or appliances which have contained Freon (air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators). For information on disposal of these items, please call the Wilmington Landfill at 382-6474.

Holiday Collection

Holidays include:

New Year’s Martin Luther King Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day Veteran’s Day Thanksgiving  Christmas


Holiday pickup schedules are published in the Wilmington News Journal and are broadcast on the government access channel (Channel 15 for Time Warner subscribers).

If you have further questions regarding  holiday trash pickup scheduling, please contact the Landfill at 382-6474

For additional information on waste disposal, please call 382-6474.

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