Cemetery Rules

Sugar Grove Cemetery – (937) 382-2059
297 W. Truesdell Street

Rules and Regulations

  • The cemetery is open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset.

General Rules

  • All visitor’s vehicles shall remain on the driveways.
  • Place all debris, discarded flowers or decorations in trash containers.
  • No person shall discharge any firearm without the written permission of the Director of Public Service.
  • Speed Limit in Cemetery – 10 miles per hour.
  • No advertising allowed in cemetery.

Flower and Decorations

  • All decorations must be permanently attached to headstones (clear silicone suggested as adhesive).
  • No shepherd hooks.
  • No glass.
  • No ceramics.
  • No fences around headstones.
  • Planting of flowers, flower pots, evergreens or bushy plants is strictly prohibited.
  • All saddles must have identification.
  • During the growing season, flowers must be placed on graves only in approved containers.
  • You may place flowers year-round in permanent vases.
  • The City retains the right to removal all floral designs, flowers and other decorations if they do not conform to standards.
  • Decorations placed upon lots and graves on special holidays during the growing season shall be removed after seven (7) days.
  • Winter decorations permitted from November 1 through April 1. They will be removed by April 1 or when they become unsightly.
  • Articles made of concrete, benches, urns, boxes or the like are not permitted without approval of the Director of Public Service.

Contact Information

Cemetery Office
Ashley Howard, Clerk

Director of Public Service Office
Brian A. Shidaker, Service Director