City Council

The legislative authority of the City is vested in a seven-member council whose members are elected to two-year terms. The Council enacts ordinances and resolutions to provide for city services, to levy taxes, to make appropriations, to borrow money, to fix salaries of all employees of the City, whether elected or appointed, to adopt a budget and to perform such other duties and exercise such other rights as may be granted to the legislative authority of any municipality of the State. The President of Council is elected for a two-year term and presides at all regular and special meetings of the Council although he has no vote therein except in case of a tie. The President of Council also serves as the Acting Mayor in the absence or disability of the Mayor. The City is divided into four wards, each of which is represented by a member of the Council. Three members of the Council are elected from the City at large. A president Pro Tem is elected by the members of the Council to serve as the Acting President of Council in the absence or disability of the President of Council.

City of Wilmington Precinct Maps