Report Property and Code Violations

Reporting Property and Code Violations

This office encourages citizens to report property issues that impact them or their neighborhoods. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can submit your complaints directly to the online form below, or you can choose another method of reporting below.

Vehicles, trailers, and recreational vehicles parked illegally on city streets are not enforced by this department. This also includes disabled or wrecked vehicles and those with expired tags. If you are reporting an issue with vehicles in the street, please contact the Wilmington Police Department at 937-382-3833 (non-emergency).

If you are reporting via phone, you must leave a message or your call will not be returned. 

Report Violation Anonymously Click to Fill out Google Form
Report via Phone Office – 937-382-6509
Report via TextMyGov Text “Hi” to 937-884-1588
Report via Email