Fire Department

46 East Sugartree Street
(937) 382-2244

Fire Chief Andy Mason

2017 was a very busy year for the Fire Department. We saw an increase in fire and EMS runs from previous years. In 2016 we made 533 fire-related calls and 3,200 EMS calls averaging 10.23 calls for service per 24-hour shift. In 2017 those numbers changed to 523 fire calls and 3,402 EMS calls changing our average to 10.75 per shift. Additionally as the drug epidemic escalates,

fire truck ladder and flag

our calls for aid increase with Narcan being administered 185 times in 2017.

Our department took advantage of many training opportunities. Warm, sunny days lead to flowing water and truck training. The crews were active in new and different trainings throughout the year. Our entire department participates in online training as well. These trainings allow us to stay proficient on skills we rarely use but need to be prepared to use at any time. We also provide training to city employees For example firefighter Jack Coates taught 10 CPR/Basic First  Aid classes to city employees this year.

2017 began with the department replacing 38 air bottles used in firefighting activities, as our old bottles had reached their life span with a portion of the bottle replacement cost grant funded. We

FF. Coates, Mayor Stanforth, Chief Mason, FF. , City Administrator Miller, FF. Cline, LT. Walker.

are confident and comfortable these 38 bottles will last us at least 15 more years. We also updated our in-station vehicle exhaust system. This system attaches directly to exhaust pipes on our vehicles when they are in the building, removing the toxins directly to the outside. This keeps our living environment safer and cleaner.

We have been called on to assist in all sorts of situations, such as someone trapped in a vehicle in Lake Cowan. We work closely with other
departments within the county to resolve these situations as best as possible. Our department gave mutual aid 104 times and received mutual aide 25 times. We

FF. Jones, FF. Terrell, FF. Hadley, and LT. Myers

currently run 4 ambulances with the majority of the members being certified for advanced life support capabilities. We have 2 ladder trucks, one water tender vehicle, 2 specific fire engines, and several other multi-use vehicles in our fleet.

In 2018 the Wilmington Fire Department will maintain the rapid response, early emergency intervention, and excellent customer service our residents expect from us. We will continue to work with City administration, as well as with other departments to have positive outcomes to any and all possible situations.

Andy Mason, Chief

Fire Department