Fire Safety House

The Fire Safety House is a wonderful asset to the Clinton County community.  The safety house was able to be purchased through the hard work of Leadership Clinton and the many donations they received.  The Surrey Fire Safety House helps to educate over 1,000 children in the county every year in the areas of fire safety and severe weather safety.

Children are able to go through the house and participate in hands-on activities relating to fire safety.  They learn about the 911 system, practice stop, drop and roll, and even crawl under “smoke”.  The interaction between firefighters and children can help reduce fires and reduce the loss of life in the event of a fire.

The severe weather portion of the training helps to educate children and parents about what to do in case of a storm or severe weather.  Discussions are held on where to go in case of a significant storm, what supplies should be on hand and how storms are reported throughout Ohio.

To make arrangements to have the Fire Safety House provided for a group event or safety day, contact the City of Wilmington Mayor’s Office at (937) 382-5458 or email  Questions about the Fire Safety Trailer and its capabilities should be referred to the Wilmington Fire Department at (937) 382-6208 Ext. 106.