Crime Prevention

Neighborhood Watch Program

Our local Neighborhood Watch program is based on the National Neighborhood Watch Program and has been recognized as the best in the State of Ohio. We have developed our program to help prevent citizens from becoming victims of crime. The Neighborhood Watch program encourages citizens to become more involved in the protection of their communities. The Neighborhood Watch program is Citizens banding together to help local law enforcement in identifying and then reporting suspicious activities in their neighborhood. This is not a vigilante effort; rather, a combined vigilance over the neighborhood. 

The Wilmington Police Department currently has several active Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the City. We are always looking for citizens who want to get active in the community to help lead a Neighborhood Watch program. If you are interested in leading a Neighborhood Watch program, Please contact the Wilmington Police Department at (937) 382-3833

You may also email Ptl. Joshua Gibson who heads our neighborhood watch program. To do so click HERE