Weather Warning Sirens

The tornado sirens are tested monthly on the first Saturday of the month at noon. They first test the actual siren used in case of an tornado warning. The second test is the all clear sound. This sound is used to let those who took shelter that it is clear of impending danger. The only exception to testing the tornado sirens is when we have inclement weather on the first Saturday.

The two sirens are completely different. The first siren you will ever hear is the actual warning of impending danger. This is a standard police style siren that makes a wail sound and goes from a low volume to a high. The second alert you will hear is the all clear. You will never hear this without the first one going off. The all clear sounds like two tones. One low tone followed by a louder tone. It is clearly different from a siren.

Use the 2 links provided below to hear each siren.

Emergency Alerts For Clinton County

Clinton County has software that enables anyone who signed up to get emergency alerts. If you are interested in signing up for these alerts, please use the link below and follow the instructions.

Clinton County Emergency Alerts (CCEA)