Sanitation Department

Due to the COVID-19 Crisis to keep our sanitation workers safe, please ensure all trash is bagged within the receptacle. No trash placed outside of the receptacle will be collected.

All trash needs to be set out by 12:00 am on your day of pick up.


397 South Nelson Avenue
(937) 382-6474

Landfill Office Hours
Monday- Friday
7:00am- 3:00pm

Waste Drop-Off Hours
Monday- Friday
7:00am- 2:30pm
*Last load is 2:30pm, no exceptions.

The City of Wilmington operates a residential Refuse Collection Service for the benefit and convenience of its residents. Service details and regulations governing the collection of garbage, trash, and other refuse are listed below. In order for the City to provide the best possible service to all customers, it is important that each resident understand and follow the rules and guidelines.

The employees of the Refuse Collection Department work hard to provide good, reliable, year round service, often under difficult weather conditions. Our goal is to furnish high quality service at a reasonable cost. With your consideration and help, we can continue to realize this goal.

If you have any questions concerning the refuse collection service, please call 382-6474.

Concerns and complaints pertaining to the Sanitation Department can also be directed to the Mayor’s office between the hours of 8am-4pm at 382-5458.

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