Cemetery Rules

Sugar Grove Cemetery
(937) 382-6509
297 W. Truesdell Street

Hours of Operation

  • The cemetery is open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset.
  • The cemetery office is located in Room 265 of the City of Wilmington Municipal Building and is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

General Rules

  • All visitor’s vehicles shall remain on the driveways. No vehicles are permitted on the burial areas.
  • Place all debris, discarded flowers or decorations in trash containers
  • Speed Limit in the Cemetery – Ten (10) mph
  • No advertising permitted in the Cemetery
  • All pets must be on leash. Pet owners must clean up after their pets. The cemetery staff reserves the right, at its discretion, to request an owner remove their pet from the premises.

Flower and Decorations

  • Decoration area is limited to twelve inches (12”) in front of grave monuments and six inches (6”) on either side. Please do not place decorations behind the grave monument. 
  • Limit mulch to the decoration area described above (six inches (6”) on either side of grave monument and twelve inches (12”) in front of grave monument). Do not mulch behind the headstone. This encroaches onto the next person’s burial space. In no case should mulch be placed beyond the limits of the grave space.
  • No figurines or statues greater than twelve inches (12”).
  • All decorations must be permanently affixed to headstones (clear silicone is suggested as an adhesive).
  • NO GLASS OF ANY KIND PERMITTED AT GRAVE SITES. Any glass found will be disposed of immediately. Glass poses a safety issue for cemetery personnel.
  • No shepherds hooks.
  • No ceramics.
  • No fences around headstones.
  • Please limit solar lights to two (2) per headstone. Multiple lights present a maintenance issue.
  • Live bouquets of flowers will be removed after ten (10) days.
  • Saddles/headdresses
    • All saddles must have an identification tag with the name and contact information of the owner
    • Please remove these items during scheduled cemetery clean-up
    • Saddles and headdresses may remain in place the rest of the year (other than during scheduled clean-up).
    • Saddles will be removed if they become damaged or unsightly.
    • When saddles/headdresses fall off of monuments and we cannot reasonably discern their owner, we will dispose of them.
  • Planting of large perennial flowers, evergreens or bushy plants is strictly prohibited. Small annuals or perennial plantings may be placed next to the headstone (front/sides and only). Plantings must be maintained by owner throughout the growing season. If plantings become unkempt, they will be groomed to the height of the surrounding area.
  • During the growing season, flowers must be placed on graves only in approved containers. You may place flowers year-round in permanent vases affixed to grave monuments.
  • Decorations placed outside of the “decoration area” on special holidays during the growing season shall be removed after seven (7) days.
  • The cemetery staff reserves the right, at its discretion, to remove all floral designs, flowers, and other decorations if they do not conform to standards or they become damaged and worn.


  • Articles made of concrete, benches, urns, boxes or the like are not permitted without approval of the Director of Public Service.
  • Memorial benches must be approved by the Cemetery. Benches of wrought iron or concrete must be set on a permanent foundation of ample size to sustain the weight of the bench through the years. A land use fee may be assessed by the cemetery.
  • Grave markers not purchased through a monument company must be approved by the Director of Public Service prior to installation.
  • Each grave monument shall be placed on an approved foundation.
  • All foundations shall be poured by the City of Wilmington and are paid by the purchaser. A two (2)-inch border is required.
  • On a STANDARD GRAVE SPACE (4’x10’), the maximum width for a grave monument for a single grave is forty-two inches (42”). The maximum width for a grave monument for a double grave is eight-four inches (84”).   Grave monuments can be no more than eighteen inches (18″) deep.
  • On a PREMIUM GRAVE SPACE (5’x10’), the maximum width for a grave monument for a single grave is fifty-four inches (54”). The maximum width for a grave monument for a double grave is ninety-six inches (96”). Grave monuments can be no more than eighteen inches (18”) deep.
  • Only one above-grade monument permitted per grave site. Additional markers on gravesite (government markers or markers for second interment/cremated remains) must be installed at grade.
  • Oversized grave monuments must be approved through the Director of Public Service. Please note, the purchase of additional grave spaces may be required to accommodate an oversized grave monument.
  • The City of Wilmington is not responsible for damages to headstones, vases, monuments, vaults, foundations, or mausoleums resulting from ordinary hazards of cemetery work, vandalism, or natural causes. Such items are personal property.
  • The Director of Public Service, at their discretion, shall have the right to limit the size, design, and type of material of monuments.

Contact Information

Service & Safety Coordinator
Andrea Tacoronte

Director of Public Service Office
Brian A. Shidaker, Service Director