2011-08-18 Council Agenda – Regular

522 2011 08 18 council agenda regular pdf city agendas and minutes 1313670236 64c4a0f62a930f7c183da062c10afbc4 647601eca907f6fc0d5a76d412f37e63260a8556c7855ca17159d631352f7747 160×300 _2klmydhu2xza thumb jpg 23 56 0 1000 01 pdf application wilmington city council agenda thursday august 18 2011 7 30 p m chambers 1 call to order 2 pledge of allegiance 3 president a approve the minutes aug 4 regular meeting b special c public hearing on request for rezoning concerning 109 acres land more or less located s r 134 and davids drive from single family residential multi i industrial property kelly tolliver trustee rlt dated 12 91 kirby l 97 fields project bill peelle representing petitioners mayor 5 asset acquisition use three readings an ordinance changing zoning real in ohio 455 acre 6 auditor finance committee making miscellaneous transfers resolution declaring it necessary light streets lanes alleys lands squares places with electric lights assessments be levied pay cost thereof year 2012 acknowledging receipt department taxation local government formula notification reduction amount funds available clinton county jan june 25 july dec 50 accepting same 8 water 9 second reading traffic control map adding no parking zone east side grant street josephine 10 solid waste recycling 11 wastewater sewer judiciary third authorizing udag loan e cornerstone llc improvements at 14 n south amendment amanda boldman pamela jerry george 135 emergency 13 safety downtown revitalization 15 parks recreation 16 service director 17 reports treasurer report 19 open five minute limit please 20 adjournment reminder photos elected officials will taken after this individual office group photo page_text extracted_title num_pages w ngt ci t y coun ge nd th u d g 201 o h er ll led f lle es en pp v ic q z ni ds ri om gl de ul dus pe k us by da nt et ti ce ch ca cit il io j ttee is rs cl ig ct cia ie co ck ip x if ica bl cc wa ter tte tr eet id li te ec tewa ewer tee ju ir iz im bo cy tt ee wn ev ta za ea ety ep ts as 0 jo cil icia adobe ucs pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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