905 2011 wastewater department annual report pdf public services stormwater program 1345229506 8c0c5f02915395d57f78fb4df289e57b 55355484a01ca0234565518203ec16f6ad557c96d2b90346919b6b9fa21c4746 202×300 _8poidvgtfmac thumb jpg 2012 08 17 14 51 46 0 1000 01 pdf application wastewater department 2011 due to the record setting rainfall for year we received 22 1 more flow than 2010 treated 015 billion gallons of residential commercial and industrial with an average 2 79 million per day mgd removal rates 96 carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand 95 total suspended solids 97 ammonia have been achieved consistently through treatment plant 216 dry tons sludge was removed from between january december 31 this is 18 month applied farm ground as fertilizer environmental laboratory s mission provide accurate precise data our facility ensuring compliance national discharge elimination system npdes permit clean water act state ohio regulations are currently set up perform many 32 different parameters utilizing diverse methodology such microbiological spectrophotometric specific ion gravimetric various wet chemistry methods inherent advantage in house ability analytical results quickly accurately lab features a stringent quality control assurance program that enables us produce legally defensible it goal most possible protect environment community best interests result efforts highest rating during regulatory authority inspections past 21 years additionally again passed all annual united states epa federal study operation pretreatment continues be successful another satisfactory occurrence upset interference or pass violations almost nonexistent light current economy city down four significant users defined by wilmington storm management running covered under general has five implement advisory committee formed meeting quarterly discuss aspects part swmp crews walked nearly 3 miles streams waterways documenting pipes obstructions page sewer crew working out building no at textron 494 nelson avenue property purchased corf grant obtained mayor office after demolition 30 000 sq ft still 70 roof picture right shows section demolitioned spent 189 254 rehabbing sanitary lining 410 cost 544 grouting 108 laterals 54 503 119 207 point repairs replacing manholes connections lines rehabilitation removing inflow infiltration i which can put strain on weather also over 34 sewers catch basins culverts sm employees were busy maintaining oke collection systems consist 72 tes 100 400 driveway approaches t sidewalks curb replacements there 146 complaints reported resolved these problems included not only backups odor but stopped floor drains clogged kitchen sink drain aid consultant performed smoke testing remaining areas previously tested last area downtown they identified 322 163 50 6 private issues individual owner responsibility repair 159 49 4 public responsible lateral way easement left fife project where 330 feet 8 inch replaced take proactive approach safety conducting periodic enforcing policies already place believe greatest assets its citizens serve do wish jeopardize health well being either maintenance following new waste activated valve actuator 2012 replacement rebuilt screen grit holding bins added skid steer attachment plates easy dumping minor handling sealed rubber seems around flashing trickling filters cleaned installed splash guards windows shield pockets outside wall joints run back into tanks debris tank floors backflow preventer main feed located administration shut off secondary underground utilities services gene rigby trenched conduit groundwater pressure probe related equipment remote monitoring wal mart lift station poured 65 cu yds concrete six sidewalk 174 36 three ultra violet disinfection 160 lamps inspected ave televised 723 043 409 591 116 600 087 300 walnut street 830 utility locates 028 root mapping addressed basement blocked among others submitted harry j mcvey superintendent page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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