2012-09-06 Council Agenda – Regular

852 2012 09 06 council agenda regular pdf city agendas and minutes 1348071440 1b9855dac91470cc782595dd16f03bcd 33b5eed86b5d44271850241e15c8cee32385a46eb3571788738771669d6222d1 161×300 _ggopue7zoreg thumb jpg 19 12 17 20 0 1000 01 pdf application wilmington city council agenda thursday september 6 2012 7 30 p m chambers 1 call to order 2 pledge of allegiance 3 president a approve the minutes august 16 regular meeting 4 mayor debbie stamper clinton county convention and visitor s bureau economic impact study for tourism th b adult day care national services 20 anniversary 5 auditor asset acquisition use finance committee three readings on an ordinance making supplemental appropriations resolution approving liens pursuant chapters 729 49 743 ohio revised code 923 09 929 1729 codified utility delinquencies mowing debris removal fees c declaring it necessary light streets lanes alleys lands squares public places in with electric lights special assessments be levied pay cost thereof year 2013 d authorizing payment expenses incurred prior fiscal e accepting amounts rates as determined by budget commission tax levies certifying them f report 8 water 10 solid waste recycling 11 wastewater sewer third reading amending chapter 922 regulations ordinances 12 judiciary first submittal proposal department transportation grant through u dot federal transit law usc section 5311 financial assistance other than urbanized areas funds available from program executing contract upon acceptance enter into elderly disabled fare 13 safety 14 downtown revitalization 15 parks recreation income levy 17 service director 18 19 reports open 21 adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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