2012-10-18 Council Agenda – Regular

832 2012 10 18 council agenda regular pdf city agendas and minutes 1350489852 dbd692595b784245076db6c274cab632 0eeb6f81926cf7b0e426ed388c2fb7cacf4fb6a44d1328ee9c84db3b3f6b653b 164×300 _opa0mr38njvu thumb jpg 17 12 04 0 1000 01 pdf application wilmington city council agenda thursday october 18 2012 7 30 p m chambers 1 call to order 2 pledge of allegiance 3 president a approve the minutes 4 regular meeting b third reading on an ordinance authorizing auditor ohio accept title certain property and transfer back original owner in connection with tax increment financing transaction declaring emergency c second readings resolution clinton county commissioners act as purchasing agent governmental aggregator for electric power mayor swearing police officer jeremy skates 5 6 asset acquisition use finance committee three making supplemental appropriations miscellaneous transfers establishing new funds d fund 8 water 9 streets 10 solid waste recycling 11 wastewater sewer director public service enter into contracts maintenance services at department 12 judiciary first amending 1167 codified ordinances adding 16 electronic messaging center signs adopting section chapter 1131 regarding definition swimming pool 513 drug paraphernalia 13 safety 14 downtown revitalization 15 parks recreation income levy improvement real located be purpose such exempt from taxation designating improvements made that will benefit requiring annual payments lieu taxes execution compensation agreement cooperative urban redevelopment equivalent creating incentive review nondiscriminatory hiring policies exemption recipients related authorizations pursuant revised code sections 5709 41 42 43 82 832 85 17 19 reports treasurer report september 20 open 21 adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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