2015-05-21 Council Agenda – Regular

395 2015 05 21 council agenda regular pdf city agendas and minutes 1432136917 b595daa98795239a2e0c4e81df0675d7 21bc6db0c2a32307a2a18808e3768190311b7e5e29dcc027bdc1c03990f22525 181×300 _n90npzyvjvdb thumb jpg 20 11 48 37 0 1000 01 pdf application wilmington city council agenda thursday may 21 2015 7 30 p m chambers 1 call to order 2 pledge of allegiance 3 moment silence 4 president a approve the minutes regular meeting b notice public hearing on rezoning petition lt land development regarding certain tract or parcel located rombach avenue described as lots 8 section williams farm subdivision in ohio from i2 industrial b3 roadside business will be held july at building 69 n south street for all rezonings plat and report planning commission are file with clerk municipal available inspection c stephanie butler 691 piedmont r1 single family b1 neighborhood d revised committee assignments e request john michelle adkins rezone lot 173 lakewood 15 regal drive r residential r3 multi f three readings an ordinance changing zoning real property declaring emergency commonly known 5 mayor proclaim police week 6 auditor asset acquisition use water 9 streets resolution accepting grant award 514 000 services agency roadwork redevelopment 629 fund airborne connector project 10 solid waste recycling 11 wastewater sewer 12 judiciary third reading adopting comprehensive plan first authorizing extension terms udag loan downtown community improvement corporation dwcic 13 safety submit intervention up 40 cot stair chair bureau workers compensation 14 finance establishing new making miscellaneous transfers supplemental appropriations second providing issuance sale notes aggregate principal amount 400 anticipation bonds purpose discharging maturity together other lawfully funds heretofore issued pay part cost constructing additional vertical expansion s landfill facility paying related lawful costs 237 improvements davids cemetery 16 revitalization 17 parks recreation dog park rules 18 service director 19 20 reports treasurer april open 22 law executive session per orc 121 g 23 adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages w ilm cit y co un ci l end th ur da ay ch ambers ca ll o rd er pledg alle ia nc ent ile pres id ap ro v t he inu es reg ula ee no ice ubl ic arin rez i ion la nd dev el rega rdi rtain trac rc lan ted h u sc rib ts ti iam iv isio il oh io strial sid bu sin ss li rin ld rsd ju ly rs tree re z lat issio it ici le sp ep ha nie butle rdin ied ne ig si ev ed comm nme hea reques rom jo iche kin ot lakew od ubd is oc al driv ing amil res ul ide nt hree readin din ce zonin ert gt ecl erg enc k rocl im ol au di ass et ac q ui iti ater mm itt ut ccep awa opm erv ag dwork red irbor con nect roj ect decla lid aste rec yc lin astew ate ewer j ud ry ttee hird do lm comp rehens irs rea lut orizin x ens erm cert wnt own ng em corp ora cic afety ho rizin yo ubmit ta ir burea ork ers en dec ency fina hin cel neou nsf ental ria econd ord ov idin ua ga rinci ou icip nce bon ds ose discha gin turity her ull heret ofore ued rt ruc ad tiona vi eg os rg ids yin late aw cos cem eter nto tali zati tio op rks creat rk rul decl repo rts dit urer rep ort ril pen pub lic ty ex nm adobe ucs microsoft ii analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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