2015-09-22 Council Agenda – Special

404 2015 09 22 council agenda special pdf city agendas and minutes 1442933960 42a049aad0b69c3d754eeb8efc1f4339 2b21e92f07c817baf631efc3f16b93350ac7909a4edb1c71c3d1c622bb73ea69 300×231 _mziqbqyejtvl thumb jpg 10 59 20 0 1000 01 pdf application wilmington city council agenda tuesday september 22 2015 6 00 p m chambers 1 call to order 2 pledge of allegiance 3 moment silence 4 streets committee a second reading on an ordinance authorizing the mayor enter into airborne connector road phase dedication agreement and declaring emergency b resolution for urban paving project plane resurface portion sr 730 in 5 finance third making supplemental appropriations accepting various gifts c miscellaneous transfers d e f establishing compensation certain elected officials ohio repealing ordinances conflict therewith g first h open public 7 adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages w i l ng t o n y co u ncil nda ue s day r uncil ch am rs cal rde al nc nt si st di or ut horiz he ma yor ne onne se de me nd ar ge so vi oj ane su ac mi ngt nanc hi ki sup op ons solu v ous gi ft ou sf at sc om ns offici ohi onf firs adi ub adj urnm pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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