2015 Water Department Annual Report

2015 water department annual report pdf reports 26a33ef15a34c9108e43b26a086ed13d 3b2d9b149a1d209016a4ddf15221fca52a7154bd186d49d01d3dd3f7334c8e56 221×300 _xtrqlvqyelct thumb jpg 2017 12 20 13 42 1000 01 00 pdf application wilmington water department new chains and rakes for sedimentation basin 1 a installed by dept employees in 2015 the treated an average daily flow of 752 mg million gallons experienced maximum day 2 424 plant delivered to distribution system total 545 5004 customers following sources were used during year source beginning ending caesar creek lake 15 12 31 burtonville reservoirs 4 10 held approximately 336 483 as december had mains shut down repairs boil advisories there 3 lines approved divisions have been busy here is outline activities lab division all required analysis city s drinking was performed according ohio u epa rules regulations we composed posted on website consumer confidence report hand 756 ccrs apartment owners 376 bacteriological samples tested laboratory ͳ5Ͳ monthly none which coliform positive caused either broken or main maintenance resulted 34 be line approvals 14 amount treatment chemicals pebbled lime softening 389 tons alum coagulant remove solids 149 carbon taste odor control 16 potassium permanganate pretreatment 0 dioxide ph adjustment 56 chlorine disinfectant 9 polyphosphate orthophosphate 6 corrosion reservoir booster station tower chain 1a repaired high service pump 2a ga valve solenoids limit switch 2b replaced meter head raw 5 pulled inspected refurbished cable leads at 7 pressure washed exteriors airpark fairground towers 8 vfd located buckeye engineering prepared inundation maps seal 11 battery back ups scada telemetry 13 mixer blades both slakers sump 68 pit dehumidifier box chlorination meters clear well 17 relocated generator batteries basement air park before it power after being crew worked task quantity fire hydrants flushed 250 hydrant painted leak old abandoned yard restorations curb 20 locations flagged 720 page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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