2016-03-17 Council Agenda – Regular

561 2016 03 17 council agenda regular pdf city agendas and minutes 1458143602 9eb3f237f93f151b070d6e5f231583af b5585dc99f5f35ac0d6e54c800d41e1e7deb3183011bad67ebb7b3ec621cc5f0 228×300 _ylcetswz1yka thumb jpg 16 11 53 22 0 1000 01 pdf application wilmington city council agenda march 17 2016 7 30 p m chambers 1 call to order 2 roll 3 pledge of allegiance 4 moment silence 5 president r riley a review and approval the b meeting minutes 6 mayor j stanforth kim law inside out project auditor d hollingsworth committee reports action 8 asset acquisition use purkey 9 cemetery mckay 10 downtown revitalization 11 finance three readings on ordinance o 16 making supplemental appropriations 12 judiciary milburn 13 parks recreation rd resolution 14 authorizing submittal an for natureworks 23 round grant declaring emergency safety spicer 15 solid waste recycling landfill expansion rates discussion public forum comment streets wastewater sewer l stuckert 18 water k swindler 19 service director shidaker 20 treasurer report 21 open 22 adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages w i ng t n c y co u ncil ag e nda arch 0 uncil ch am rs cal rde ro ca g f al nc nt si re de unci ril ev ie ap v th en ar ee ti tes ayo st nf rt h ki s id ou ec audi wo ac asse q urk ce ry ck ay do wnt wn z nanc ea in le tal iatio udici ary urn ark cr eso tio au izin ittal licatio natu lar er safet spice so as cy cl la ill x io ates dis cu lic fo wast at uck wat swi nd safe rv sh dak unc ito ep ub adj urnm adobe ucs pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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