2016-05-19 Council Agenda – Amended

568 2016 05 19 council agenda amended docx city agendas and minutes 1464282874 78e6080173fe2735e2f9e833d37a2c7b ede89bb4be7bf2df2390883492c086e2354f94cdf9c973d73e1a087be8c7a50d 26 13 14 34 0 1000 01 zip msoffice application rels document xml theme1 _rels theme settings websettings styles numbering fonttable core app content_types word docprops offset signature directory_entries_this_disk directory_entries_total directory_size directory_offset deflate superfast 2 0 ms dos and os fat vfat fat32 file systems extract_version host_os compression_method compressed_size uncompressed_size last_modified_timestamp data_offset files entries_count end_central_directory compression_speed entries wilmington city council amended agenda may 19 2016 7 30 p m chambers call to order roll pledge of allegiance moment silence president r riley review approval the re view 5 meeting minutes letter support main street notice legislative authority from ohio division liquor control transfer 863 south ridge inc dba quality food market s st 45177 randolph marathon gas station mayor j stanforth bekah muchmore executive director tracy hopkins counselor co owner transformative wellness llc proclamation high school boys basketball team auditor d hollingsworth committee reports action asset acquisition use purkey cemetery mckay downtown revitalization finance three readings on ordinance o 16 37 supplemental appropriations 38 miscellaneous transfers 39 establishing a new fund williams park state capital improvement 17 18 first reading resolution 27 determining proceed with earnings tax certifying same board elections judiciary milburn parks recreation safety spicer solid waste recycling amending chapter 925 refuse collection codified ordinances streets 25 authorizing participation in odot winter contract for road salt declaring an emergency 35 traffic map create no parking zone spring 36 north wastewater sewer l stuckert water k swindler safet y service b shidaker 26 public enter into greement ve ctren energy delivery regarding right way opening permits treasurer report open adjournment words analyze unzip xml2txt timings

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