2016 Interest Rate Notification

1211 2016 interest rate notification pdf tax department 1446059685 005693c973f926c4bb041bd1a04cfc3f decd00f6ea5475cb2a79c6501cd9ae886d2c9f23cb74d1f77df63e8514f3f5ae 300×166 _ikdlytypqnxn thumb jpg 2015 10 28 15 14 45 0 1000 01 pdf application city of wilmington income tax department interest rate notice effective january 1 2016 through december 31 the is 5 per annum to be applied all unpaid and withholding balances beginning on this in accordance with ohio revised code 718 27 f effect from does not apply for any prior year taxes more information or questions please contact at 937 382 1880 page_text extracted_title num_pages wil m g t inc ome ax depa rtm e nt inte res ra no ice ff ctive jan ua r y th roug h decembe 20 6 rest i s p er an num te st a o b li d u n id c w ith old alan gin ar rat ac oh io re vised od om gh de oe ot ap ly ior ye ion q sti lease tac gt 38 2 adobe ucs microsoft ii pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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