2017-4-20 Council Agenda- Regular

881 2017 4 20 council agenda regular pdf city agendas and minutes 1492631857 32c34ed0db70bf1727407fe8e229217d 32b10a08ff97bba14bb6edc75e3f4b626a2eb74ea84ac30a7f218634370fc974 161×300 _larydyrcalez thumb jpg 19 15 57 37 0 1000 01 pdf application wilmington city council agenda april 20 2017 7 30 p m chambers 1 call to order 2 roll 3 pledge of allegiance 4 moment silence 5 president r riley a review and approval the b 6th meeting minutes c public hearing on amending hours operation transit service 6 mayor j stanforth pam bauer health district levy renewal proclamation for donate life open letter paul hunter auditor d hollingsworth committee reports action 8 asset acquisition use purkey 9 cemetery mckay 10 downtown revitalization 11 finance three readings ordinance o 17 15 making supplemental appropriations miscellaneous transfers 12 judiciary second reading no 13 requesting director present an annual report utility billing rates legislative authority resolution authorizing enter into electricity purchase contract with interstate gas supply inc regarding receiving energy cost discount qualifying accounts 21 enacting tax incentive recommendation parks recreation liermann 14 safety transportation spicer 19 permanently system s 18 accepting gift from clermont county kennel club police department solid waste recycling providing issuance sale notes in aggregate principal amount 500 000 anticipation bonds purpose discharging series 2016b landfill facility phase v improvement at maturity paying related lawful costs agreement registrar declaring emergency 16 streets first traffic control map file include adding two crosswalks intersection elm street college various parking sections applegate one way columbus rombach avenue wastewater sewer l stuckert water k swindler revenue obligations time improving municipal waterworks or refunding issued by that execution delivery master trust rights holders creating certain funds pledging revenues secure those ohio under article xviii constitution maximum 350 outstanding heretofore refund prior obligation improve bond approving offering documents relating original continuing disclosure optional redemption be refunded shidaker treasurer 22 adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages wilming t n it y u il g e pri 201 coun h mb f ian mo men sil sid ile ev ie w ap al th en ee te lic hea am ho er atio i ser ice may st fort au lt dis tr ic clam do ate op et ter hu itor swort mi io ss q isitio se mm itt met mc wn ita iz ck ina ea ce ma le ta iatio lla eo ju icia seco eq esti dir ec esen ep tili illi ates leg lati eso tio izin lectr icit ch ac tate su eg ar eiv co alif cit ti ax ier man sa sp tl cc ler ken el lice de tm wa ing id ale tes ag cip ticip is ies ill facil ase atu elate la ts izi lar af lu ad cr stre lleg ak av we wind lig ef x eliv aster ig ld tain led es ater oh cle xvi tit ip tai eto ed ir tal cu elati tin clo ca ll em ida port ito jo adobe ucs microsoft ii pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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