2018-8-2 Council Agenda- Regular

2018 8 2 council agenda regular pdf city agendas and minutes c73b2325eee446f8a82b6d12308457fa c841c256b57d2d7681975aa0164241071a9340dca90829fb9fd57d5825b6b244 193×300 _oox33yvzjlwu thumb jpg 12 10 39 55 1000 01 00 pdf application wilmington city council agenda august 2nd 2018 7 30 p m chambers 1 call to order 2 roll 3 pledge of allegiance 4 moment silence 5 president mckay a review and approval the b july 19th meeting minutes c notice legislative authority 6 mayor j stanfort cmh hoof less derby erin mcmurry auditor d hollingsworth 8 safety service director shidaker committee reports action 9 asset acquisition use purkey first reading on ordinance no o 18 47authorizing acceptance an easement for drainage purposes from xenia pike farm llc as part nelson avenue culvert project 48authorizing dennis e cheryl l gherman 10 cemetery 11 revitalization 12 finance k swindler 13 judiciary 14 parks recreation liermann resolution r 26 authorizing enter into community pass through grant agreement with ohio department natural resources 15 transportation 16 solid waste recycling allbright three readings 46 making miscellaneous transfers 17 streets t williams second third 40 participation in cooperative purchasing program wastewater sewer fickert 49 amending chapter 922 regulation codified ordinances 19 water 20 income tax report 21 open public 22 adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages timings

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