2018 Fire Safety House

1444 fire safety house application pdf applications and permits public_servicepublic_safety 5b2bdffb9ef462c7dfd4a4aa7c3440c5 32d67b376a4b38508f823141fa895dfa74f41549e7e0a7b7aabc5d4e1e775cc6 2018 198×300 _ahbdjntmu41u thumb jpg 08 31 10 33 26 public service 0 162 155 120 172 2021 02 15 46 36 pdf application city of wilmington fire safety house reservations the may be reserved and used only by governmental entities clinton county ohio which employ firefighters that have been fully trained in safe operation are taken beginning every january for current year phoning 382 5458 or emailing adminassistant wilmingtonoh org reservation is not complete until all required forms completed accepted definitions user means entity has event activity rules regulattons users shall comply with laws state following set forth 1 altered any way 2 solely responsible to see properly controlled supervised at times under direct supervision a firefighter manufacturer an otherwise authorized trainer 3 liable persons who enter during provide certificate insurance evidencing liability protection less than 000 per occurrence shown as additional insured language should included on this along date time your brief description insureds its elected appointed officials employees agents volunteers boards commissions authorities board members including thereof coverage primary contributing other similar available whether excess 4 damage period use 5 detailed schedule least one month prior such specify minimum specific planned name each will supervisory responsibility 6 department locate site move relocate 7 relocation fee ___________ charged after initial setup 8 personal injury property arising from delivery up tear down removal entire 9 staples nails type tape adhesive permitted representative present meet wfd meeting route absolute discretion determine if adequate amend plan no exists proposed scheduled arrive accept assist equipment cancellation necessary please notify soon possible without notice payment full reason unable deliver releases failure make request general information _____________________________________________________ contact person __________________________________________________________ address _________________________________________________________ phone ______________________ email ______________________________ ________________________________________________________ s ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________ day take _________________________ _________________ location include direction face special instructions etc ________________________________________________________________________ page_text extracted_title num_pages undersigned represents he she duly bind regulations reserving using designated official read understands agrees bound terms conditions accepts sole components term possession damages whatsoever arise signature ___________________________________________________ printed 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