2019 Tournament And Event Reservation Request

2019 tournament and event reservation request pdf parks recreation 9c9c59fa1297a3e358fe3fca0b22ae4c 978e8ca0a801e2239baff536926f5684841b3da15730e676a9db4a5c5a9828af 237×300 _nsvyxvbfm8mu thumb jpg 01 11 08 53 09 1000 00 pdf application 2019 park facility reservation request thank you for choosing to have your event at a city of wilmington parks and recreation whenever any part is planned exclusive use the must be approved by board or their designee this includes tournaments outside leagues clinics festivals concerts races using trails other events process reserving facilities excluding shelter houses 1 submission an review 2 acceptance conditional denial 3 contract developed if applicable 4 payment deposit requestor as required 5 within 30 days please make all checks payable 69 n south street oh 45177 president dauna armstrong athletic coordinator administrative office members rebeka hamilton jody drake jdrake ci us north st tim wiederhold phone 937 382 4781 www wilmingtonoh org superintendent maintenance jermaine isaac jisaac travis mellinger tmellinger 366 6682 name team group _____________________________________________ today s date _______________ user tournament director____________________________________________________ ___________ first last home address _____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ _____________________________ _________________________________ state zip _____ _________________ work __________________ cell fax email ________________ _________________________________________________________ ______ time __________a m p ___________a from purpose rental ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ number teams attendees anticipated ________________________________________________________ specify area used field list below ____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ are there special set up requirements specific __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _________________________________________ requested ____ kiwanis youth denver williams 150 ft fence no lights max 60 bases sims 175 rotary 200 70 cep 300 90 osp 80 savings david soccer fields location including ________________________________________________ policy rates where baseball daily cost 75 day per 25 fee start each dragging chalking ongoing prep will responsibility director may arranged hr employee minimum two hours human resources small local bona fide charity benefit handled on plus 20 basis estimates provided based case 250 weekend with confirmation dates post cleaning costs supplies cancellation etc taken out needed additional game diamond dry 15 bag chalk 10 standard supplied associated damage done attributable reimbursed storage janitorial services commit handle duties restroom resupplying trash bagging disposition according standards placed in dumpsters size determine need porta potties extra servicing those passed directly fees incurred expenses made concessions clinton county health department met whomever provides food following currently not available memorial june 7 9 21 23 labor directors meet risk management insurance items moved participants returned its original condition responsible ensuring that federal laws statute ordinances policies obeyed alcoholic beverages illegal substances permitted property discipline spectators assured staff playability overnight camping without written permission copy details schedule submitted least one week before usage areas apply considered cancellations less than 14 advance subject 50 permanent paint trail marking close seasonality i hereby acknowledge read fully understand above terms conditions agree abide them information ohio records law which prior signature only received approval ___________________________________ page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages timings

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