2020 Code Enforcement Annual Report

1805 2020 code enforcement annual report pdf reports 1610673505 e2ac37733842b0f6610d1413a75e2845 75090c004bad0338382dcd222dd07146cef1bcc5a4c000f7d69976b52b8dc2f1 220×300 _lmaz1xzdujiu thumb jpg 2021 01 14 20 18 25 0 1000 pdf application code enforcement department the city of wilmington accepts complaints regarding violations s property maintenance and zoning codes these are re ceived from citizens submitting them in person by phone through website or seeclickfix mobile app investigated official number decreased this year 701 to 433 those resulted 375 new cases being opened 37 remain open here is a breakdown all warn ings issued 2020 type violation unsafe structures equipment also demo orders vacant 36 general exterior interior areas 51 public nuisance 41 animal 4 vehicle weeds grass 99 litter 10 0 trees shrubs 16 ordinances permitted use accessory etc 23 other 24 338 were closed 388 total listed as resolved which includes 50 pre vious years 32 2016 2019 various stages process below statuses 54 case status condemned buildings boarded up monitored seeking demolition court 1 follow inspections scheduled compliance 17 foreclosure for progress 3 properties working towards continued improve 12 ment noncompliant notification addressed issuing formal notices with owner tenants bring their into within specified time frame if owners not compliant they may be brought before municipal seven turned over prosecution one still system five demolished two acquired clinton county land bank has collaborated juvenile community service program sugartree landscaping help problem our looks forward success 2021 page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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