2020 Employer Monthly Or Quarterly Return

2020 employer monthly or quarterly return pdf tax department forms c9306a7568ea4340c7cc8de263e7d29e fbe47d2e85ba7c10c09a0f9484e1fef59ed3f048e85c4b864c6b0d202307321b 229×300 _ohvmrcqjjzak thumb jpg 01 27 11 13 49 1000 00 pdf application employer s return of taxes withheld for the city wilmington ohio attached is our check made payable to in sum ________________________ 2020 payment month quarter checked account no ein ____________________________ st 1 jan feb mar name _____________________________ nd 2 apr may jun rd 3 address jul aug sep th 4 oct nov dec penalties and interest non filing penalty 25 00 per late 50 unpaid tax 5 year or 42 mail income bureau p o box 786 45177 page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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