2020 Employer Quarterly Return And 2019 Reconciliation

2020 employer quarterly return and 2019 reconciliation pdf tax department forms b199d390d517e35c229783d795e121a8 b351488b5fb81796104f4c6d4acdd5b694bd912cee84b933fc1c1c6b4c4ab3e8 235×300 _0jlpbdqhnz07 thumb jpg 12 16 14 44 24 1000 01 00 pdf application employer s quarterly return of tax withheld attached is our check made payable to the wilmington income bureau p o box 786 make city in sum ___________ 69 n south street representing payment taxes from oh 45177 mailing lables employees for months listed below provided number phone 937 382 1880 copies fax 3550 your records please send even if no due period ein account on or before april 30 2020 notify department promptly anychanges ownership name and address jan feb mar signed _________________________________________ official ___________________________ title i hearby certify that information statements contained are true correct reconciliation instructions incinnati 45263 2571 item 6 indicates overpayments refund desired attach explanation request this form additional hone 513 248 5082 indicated when filling ax 5099 ordinance requires annual preparation report all employers subjects reports must be completed mailed file february 28 other required submitted with each employee completely only part subject during year total gross earnings such amount those desiring submit commercially reproduced federal forms w 2 electronic reproduction bearing either card listing may do so _____________ 3 returns withholding 2019 5 liability 1 line 4 wage as shown by quarter ending march 31 june taxable september payroll december less not _________ 7 overpayment filed computer printout include 1099 misc office use ____________ july any changes apr jun october jul aug sep january 2021 oct nov dec page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages timings

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