2020 Fire Department Annual Report

1806 2020 fire department annual report pdf reports 1610673509 d7878dfbe57b34e0264e51c331fa8133 1c52d916e2ddd327780da356bb6464a8052f5a055fd62087cf5b50286bd963a1 221×300 _nc7kmdi7wmos thumb jpg 2021 01 14 20 18 29 0 1000 pdf application fire department the wilmington wfd responded to 3584 calls in 2020 most of these were ems but our services also included responses inspections investigations public interaction several ways and other general for assistance we made 537 fires such as houses apartments vehicles mulch addition on many good intent where some one may have thought there was a problem just needed us check it out their own piece mind even throughout pandemic completed inspec tions new buildings renovated businesses potential foster care yearly this is possible by having depth cer tifications within with firefighters inspectors certifications unable spend lot time year interacting spreading word prevention due covid miss kids adults through schools involvement at park national night halloween neighborhood get togethers visits from groups or individuals house hopefully 2021 will provide those opportunities once again hired two firefighter paramedics justin comer joined team xenia township michael sowards came paint creek fd help citizens clinton county look forward members bringing ideas energy into working side seasoned congratulate shingai calhoun brad burns earning paramedic tification december did replace bay doors firehouse well insulated replaced rescue air bags which are used mostly vehicle accident scenarios when need lift stabilize efforts jeff haines awarded federal grant allowed purchase nearly 50 000 hose nozzles equipment helps better serve protect benefitted generosity local business donation smoke alarms community distribution state farm tools saw blades lowes andy mason chief 10 page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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