2020 Human Resources Annual Report

1807 2020 human resources annual report pdf reports 1610673516 dc8bc04e1fb02d7f87fb9c29fcd96e7f d503aa3a0f54ec6629c22fe297b1a3fb60aad1f30b970df3cfa75893f00ad394 213×300 _yz8a0ufio6wi thumb jpg 2021 01 14 20 18 36 0 1000 pdf application human resources department over the past year resource was busy en suring city s workplaces were safe and compliant with all new rules regulations resulting from covid however despite unexpected challenges able to accom plish great things because of administration commitment advance as a high quality progressive workplace team welcomed 37 hires which 21 are full time 16 part employees so critical success growth each hire brings fresh per spective ideas helps us improve our processes administrative assistant maria burrell has been wil mington family for three years before joining re sources supported service director office building zoning hit ground running in short she improved both support we provide wellness rewards program introduced medical insurance benefit offering go365 allows their spouses earn healthy activities such workouts preventive exams more have had an overwhelming response out roughly 225 registered 135 participating i am very excited see what 2021 initiative hr will continue drive participation engagement through during 2020 technology integrated into set up one those technologies is bswift benefits system this platform streamline employee process allowing em ployees enroll online addition count less educational videos also includes decision fea ture that uses artificial intelligence ask series questions about expenses expected coming then compare plans suggest best options since can do ment home include spouse selection another began implementing pryor learning management not only annual regulatory training harassment discrimina tion but it skill based mi crosoft customer ability assign courses track completion inside allow departments be produc tive self paced cripple everyday operations accommodate few train ing sessions 7 window public receive help or get answered enables inter actions visitors pandemic lastly started implement newton applicant tracking al lows employment applications submitted on back end job interviews offers etc stop shop entire life cycle when fully utilized low better experience hiring manager look forward plan accomplishments created foundation continued greg muenchen 8 page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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