2020 Maintenance And Repair Annual Report

1808 2020 maintenance and repair annual report pdf reports 1610673521 35af897761d1f47f0b580efc22fb1272 77dcc1223ec65ef8b27f9b5a3f8fa16727e49b868dd155694acb676b6ca8f0c6 217×300 _0fivw5iz5afe thumb jpg 2021 01 14 20 18 41 0 1000 pdf application maintenance and repair department the presently consist of nine employees seven crew members one mechanic a superintendent duties are broad varied ever changing from asphalt paving reconstructing streets alleys to plow ing salting same also mows city right ways properties delinquent assisting maintaining traffic safety measures falls on with tasks such as painting control lines markings controlling for events festivals installing signals well way visibility completes leaf pickup program ensuring debris is removed street preventing storm drains becoming blocked this small makes big difference in appearance our numbers tell story 14 days spent trimming trees preparation pick up 2080 cubic yards leaves were picked during season 9 snow removal 150 gallons paint used downtown area sub divisions 143 road signs replaced due accidents or low reflectivity 128 pothole patcher use applying more than 50 ton stone 605 emulsion preserve extend life phalt various addition 80 tons hot mix was 51 abandoned mowed along roadside ditches 8 vagrant camps cleaned 20 houses re boarded condemned house demolished partnership police m r not only cleans but critically important quality beautifying residents visitors alike criti cally put 254 military banners 48 community including banana split festival clinton county th fair welcome anniversary wilmington college fall winter plus christmas garland additionally maintains 96 hanging flowers six months year assists tree mayor helping plant 40 locust walnut main prairie ave 2020 jerry runk 13 page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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