2020 Police Department Annual Report

1810 2020 police department annual report pdf reports 1610673529 79d1c022522e367acceab793a8757cf3 a4d3b37e7688e9c009bbc3e2901d2835b25e59ff37d122bb595d267e959eeaf1 221×300 _psho5fihln3u thumb jpg 2021 01 14 20 18 49 0 1000 pdf application police department and communications 2020 was a year of forming norming for the wilmington depart ment added patrol officer k 9 unit dispatchers while pre paring return bike an assistant chief position cre ated to add depth leadership this is expected be filled in beginning calendar 2021 candidate search continues right applicants fill dispatch vacant positions our goal find people with correct core values serve communi ty live mission statement partnership matt haverkamp foundation allowed selection new team at no cost city we interviewed three officers handler selected jordan ianson han dler late summer patrolman ptl two others went von licke kennels indiana where belgium malivois ger man shephard mix named miko over other dogs his attended ten week training course excelling together pair certified november has high potential are dedicated both county deter drug trafficking stop flow poisons into community sections had cad rms server program installed march as pandemic began hit importance that it allows continuity operations planning coop which largest agencies share infor mation more effective service citizens found there learning curve but falls line rec ommended templates from homeland security dhs emergency management agency also ra dio phone 911 recording system will provide better record commu nications preparing infrastructure e911 requirement when becomes law focus hiring implementation functional retirement veteran their hire replacements impact work hires have already made mark foster sylvester crime fighter dispatcher split among four senior dis patchers who carried through short staffing chal lenges recent show great promise commitment strong every addi tion staff reiterates resolve reduce fear incidence protecting property promoting peace hometown achieved by partnering key leaders organizations neighborhood watch groups always open constructive dialogue benefits addresses quality life issues look forward positive healthy ron cravens page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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