2020 Public Works Department Annual Report

1811 2020 public works department annual report pdf reports 1610673533 d310bc2b7fb50bf8bad90bd8177a35cd 9f74bf9f0dc1a536b43669d765f481440935068f0540fa6615d2959bac247a79 221×300 _j2gfyicdtuwj thumb jpg 2021 01 14 20 18 53 0 1000 pdf application public works water the major improvement project at treatment plant was delayed by pandemic but new basin bulk station and disinfec tion system were brought on late in year addition of fluoride to drinking improved security computer systems are now expected be complete before end february 2021 four inch main that changed a six grant street is almost will online january using federally funded facilitated cdbg lines do not provide adequate flow for customers or firefighting similarly sized 100 plus old remain service portions more than 30 streets town undersized scheduled replaced rombach avenue mulberry department devel oping systematic plan replace remaining mains coming years ohio epa endorsed city s newly developed source protection which lists ways prevent pollution sources caesar creek lake cowan endorsement make eligible funding projects protect quality interior re coating wilmington tower located clinton county fairgrounds occurred spring work part runs through 2023 rehabilitate both exte rior towers properly maintained preserves protects investment its residents have made with regular maintenance can operation longer september learned very low levels per polyfluoroalkyl substances chemicals pfas found our these chemical compounds been used many consumer products where contaminated it often caused foams military installations airports fire training fa cilities even though well below criteria con cern personnel immediately adjustments reduce committed further reducing them detectable designed algal toxin moval also useful removal much higher necessary has hired group law firms ex pertise this area recoup additional costs from manufacturers state joined battle u army corps engi neers over improper charges related use attorney general office filed lawsuit against seeking stop things like birdseed bathroom fixtures heating cooling equipment visitor center travel expenses cedar chip bed ding duck boxes nature trails parking lots pedestrian bridges aquarium bobber safety dog costume continues charge types items along large unwarranted labor they no connection supplying 4 utility billing after firm modernize meter defaulted contract took up task automated me ter reading working as only few hundred meters yet concurrently software being implemented allow monitor their usage easily pay bills congratulated intensified administration back prevention program ensures proper devices place potentially flowing backward plumbing inside building into helps preserve health all wastewater master council august backbone contruction existing one orginally built 1937 last updated 1988 former textron property directly across nelson current save money exist ing continue sludge handling storage treat an average 50 percent better equipped handle high episodes expanded relatively negotiations team engineers begin design process collaborative called build engineer construction together construct should avoid conflicts result sooner hopefully 2024 expedited completion important cause reaching nearing life staff tinually repairing reconfiguring components because ef forts aging still able meet regulations another reason implementing stringent limits would struggle effort assist coronavirus data gathering depart ment became statewide administered university sewage entering since october testing looks genes results meant give local early warning disease spread tracked surge experienced 5 2020 sweeper purchased replacing machine barely worked unit allows effi ciently keep looking volume debris enter disrupting storm sewer stormwater approved formation removing management operations under study follows lead other municipalities collecting fees busi nesses july fee same bill services calculated amount impervious surface buildings asphalt concrete contains residential charged approximately 6 00 month database so businesses soon learn exactly how incredible sanitary if problem addressed larger expensive needed vast array tunnels constructed throughout support piping identify connections mandated activities efforts combination position dustrial growth rainwater effect increasing capacity rick schaffer director adam simpson chief operator jordan martin eric green administrator page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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