2020 State Of The City Report

2020 state of the city final pdf state_of_the_city b5499cd174f63ac9c32e6c7a9414ba3b e011a5a3ca5f99bbce7491dc3af7e47f6db1274a1ae18acc52926ad3e14b4069 232×300 _wjojrnhhfg3i thumb jpg 2021 01 08 13 50 17 1000 00 pdf application state of the city 2020 table contents mayor stanforth s greeting 3 public works 4 6 water and wastewater departments human resources department 7 8 police communications 9 fire 10 sanitation 11 12 maintenance repair 13 building zoning 14 16 parks recreation 17 transportation 18 sugar grove cemetery 19 office directory 20 2 was year perseverance even though virus has made for some difficult times we accom plished a lot who would have predicted wearing mask become normal or zoom no longer phrase from comic book but new way to hold meeting dress code meetings is shirt blouse with sweatpants slippers knows what changes in our lifestyle 2021 will bring project highlights include expansion at landfill adding approximately another 30 years keeping disposal rates citizens low this successful on budget because excellent leadership oversight by superintendent mike crowe rick schaffer promoted director oversees stormwater established created ensure compliance growing epa requirements also operated assistance administrator eric green treatment plant wrapping up grades meet demands supply ever evolving algal bloom these upgrades allow fluoridation be leading team included head larry dale bennington now running transit he done an outstanding job balancing needs customers driver safe jerry runk led his aggressive program remove blight honeysuckle homeless encampments invaluable residential street paving southern part including sugartree which annual tree planting trees both sides while my goal as always been maintain safety services brought opportunity need expand chief ron cravens added k9 officer preparing spring launch bicycle patrol units i encourage remind your help fighting crime see something say andy mason through extremely challenging time navigating unknown covid responding calls service are grateful vaccine provided responders that know keep them safer addition already heavy several more were cares funding funds had very short timeline utilized strict guidelines marian miller oversaw completion serv er modification personal protective equipment distribution projects combined efforts auditor local chamber commerce she small business grant pro gram awarding over 130 000 emergency providing aid nineteen wilmington businesses relationship instrumental success going incredible than taken rombach avenue start first third davids drive designed completely rebuilt 2022 improvements begin downtown mulberry locust xenia ave redesigned line due generous contribution roberts family bike trail nelson ogden completed summer grants donations tenacity clinton county re gional planning executive taylor stuckert thank you long last bridge finally replaced after process restoring historic champion ability comes down receive brian shidaker master track complete 26 609 million dollars end undertaking supported loan applied awarded zero percent loans get return investments making decades come am proud each one heads best lead they constantly aware hus banding taxpayer money spend it carefully wisely if can despite global pandemic look forward sharing successes all john m f ingrid anderson administrative assistant page_text extracted_title num_pages major improvement delayed basin bulk station disinfec tion system late fluoride drinking improved security computer systems expected before february four inch main changed six almost online january using federally funded facilitated cdbg lines do not provide adequate flow firefighting similarly sized 100 plus old remain portions streets town undersized scheduled devel oping systematic plan replace remaining mains coming ohio endorsed newly developed source protection lists ways prevent pollution sources caesar creek lake cowan endorsement make eligible protect quality interior coating tower located fairgrounds occurred work runs 2023 rehabilitate exte rior towers properly maintained preserves protects investment its residents regular operation september learned levels per polyfluoroalkyl substances chemicals pfas found chemical compounds used many consumer products where contaminated often caused foams military installations airports training fa cilities well below criteria con cern personnel immediately adjustments reduce committed further reducing detectable toxin moval useful removal much higher necessary hired group law firms ex pertise area recoup additional costs manufacturers joined battle u army corps engi neers improper charges related use attorney general filed lawsuit against seeking stop things like birdseed bathroom fixtures heating cooling visitor center travel expenses cedar chip bed ding duck boxes nature trails parking lots pedestrian bridges aquarium bobber dog costume continues charge types items along large unwarranted labor connection supplying utility billing firm modernize meter defaulted contract took task automated me ter reading working only few hundred meters yet concurrently software being implemented monitor their usage easily pay bills congratulated intensified administration back prevention ensures proper devices place potentially flowing backward plumbing inside into helps preserve health council august backbone contruction existing orginally built 1937 updated 1988 former textron property directly across current save exist ing continue sludge handling storage treat average 50 better equipped handle high episodes expanded relatively negotiations engineers design collaborative called build engineer construction together construct should avoid conflicts result sooner hopefully 2024 expedited important cause reaching nearing life staff tinually repairing reconfiguring components ef forts aging still able regulations reason implementing stringent limits struggle effort assist coronavirus data gathering depart ment became statewide administered university sewage entering since october testing looks genes results meant give early warning disease spread tracked surge experienced 5 sweeper purchased replacing machine barely worked unit allows effi ciently looking volume debris enter disrupting storm sewer approved formation removing management operations under study follows other municipalities collecting fees busi nesses july fee same bill calculated amount impervious surface buildings asphalt concrete contains charged month database so soon learn exactly how sanitary problem addressed larger expensive needed vast array tunnels constructed throughout support piping identify connections mandated activities combination position dustrial growth rainwater effect increasing capacity adam simpson operator jordan martin past resource busy en suring workplaces compliant rules resulting however unexpected challenges plish great commitment advance progressive workplace welcomed 37 hires 21 full employees critical hire brings fresh spective ideas us improve processes maria burrell wil mington three joining hit ground wellness rewards introduced medical insurance benefit offering go365 spouses earn healthy such workouts preventive exams overwhelming response out roughly 225 registered 135 participating excited initiative hr participation engagement during technology integrated set those technologies bswift benefits platform streamline employee allowing em ployees enroll count less educational videos includes decision fea ture uses artificial intelligence ask series questions about then compare plans suggest options home spouse selection began pryor learning regulatory harassment discrimina skill based mi crosoft customer assign courses produc tive self paced cripple everyday accommodate train sessions window answered enables inter actions visitors lastly started implement newton applicant tracking al lows employment applications submitted interviews offers etc shop entire cycle when fully experience hiring manager accomplishments foundation continued greg muenchen forming norming k dispatchers pre paring cre ated add depth filled beginning calendar candidate search right applicants fill dispatch vacant positions find people correct core values serve communi ty live mission statement partnership matt haverkamp allowed cost interviewed officers handler selected ianson han dler patrolman ptl two others went von licke kennels indiana belgium malivois ger man shephard mix named miko dogs attended ten week course excelling pair certified november potential dedicated deter drug trafficking poisons community sections cad rms server installed march importance continuity coop largest agencies share infor mation effective there curve falls rec ommended templates homeland dhs agency ra dio phone 911 recording record commu nications infrastructure e911 requirement becomes focus implementation functional retirement veteran replacements impact mark foster sylvester fighter dispatcher split among senior dis patchers carried staffing chal lenges recent show promise strong every addi reiterates resolve fear incidence protecting promoting peace hometown achieved partnering key leaders organizations neighborhood watch groups open constructive dialogue addresses issues positive wfd responded 3584 most ems responses inspections investigations interaction 537 fires houses apartments vehicles mulch good intent may thought just check own piece mind inspec tions renovated care yearly possible having cer tifications within firefighters inspectors certifications unable interacting spreading word miss kids adults schools involvement park national night halloween togethers visits individuals house opportunities once again firefighter paramedics justin comer township michael sowards came paint fd members bringing energy side seasoned congratulate shingai calhoun brad burns earning paramedic tification december did bay doors firehouse insulated rescue air bags mostly vehicle accident scenarios lift stabilize jeff haines federal purchase nearly hose nozzles benefitted generosity donation smoke alarms farm tools saw blades lowes operates commercial solid waste collection refuse crews put fort reliable trash essential daily currently covers 4000 400 five days 52 weeks minimal holidays weather functions facilities requests collections maintains fleet pick 27 yard compaction roto pac truck 25 trucks recycling 31 loadmaster recycle single axle dump pickup sport mechanic tool collects branches item composting oepa class compost facility day route tipping cubic accumulated brush leaves grass clippings yards generated leaf dumpster rentals rental 300 dumpsters venient welding provides replacement private owners special fabricating curbside 3000 actively corrugated cardboard drop off sites hall cap excess consuming space promotional baler repurposed successfully material slight revenue stream sold market ton rent nine school workers correc bale permit 24 acre 18th 2019 tional 40 ryan central cell operational contracted install berms south east north slopes seeded mulched erosion control ap pearance licensed accept 195 tons ser vice generates miscellane ous averaged 144 av erage total 174 pieces 1 cat d5k bulldozer 963c loader dc3 816 compactor kobelco 250lc excavator case backhoe deere tractor mower volvo 30f road fifteen fulltime cross trained perform duties presently consist seven crew broad varied changing reconstructing alleys plow salting mows properties delinquent assisting maintaining traffic measures tasks painting markings controlling events festivals installing signals visibility completes ensuring removed preventing drains becoming blocked makes big difference appearance numbers tell story spent trimming preparation 2080 picked season snow 150 gallons sub divisions 143 signs accidents reflectivity 128 pothole patcher applying stone 605 emulsion extend phalt various 80 hot 51 abandoned mowed roadside ditches vagrant camps cleaned boarded condemned demolished r cleans critically beautifying alike criti cally 254 banners 48 banana festival th fair welcome anniversary college fall winter christmas garland additionally 96 hanging flowers months assists helping walnut prairie permits com mercial performed issued 89 430 number collected slightly lower previous breakdown 176 15 increase resi dential remodeling mits 60 stated value 162 115 valued 725 976 109 931 78 flat primary structures homes structed timber glen subdivision truesdell howard electrical 129 maining 408 covered mechanical memorial hospital endoscopy suite renovation façade burkes outlet magic tunnel car wash cath lab planet fitness remodel roosters restaurant eastside smaller notable repairs cvs crashed amazon airpark renovations talbert wal mart progress marriott hotel holiday 900 sq ft processing cannascend concession murphy theatre following purpose tally multifamily deck porch 35 industrialized outbuilding 84 346 suppression alarm demolition certifi cates occupancy board appeals hears pursuing variances conditional enforcement orders met heard regarding signage setback require ments height accessory structure eight variance denied request shidacker shirley orwick annen vance accepts complaints violations codes ceived submitting person website seeclickfix mobile app investigated official decreased 701 433 resulted 375 cases opened here warn ings type violation unsafe demo 36 exterior areas nuisance 41 animal weeds 99 litter shrubs ordinances permitted 23 338 closed 388 listed resolved vious 32 2016 stages statuses 54 status monitored court follow foreclosure towards noncompliant notification issuing formal notices owner tenants specified frame municipal turned prosecution acquired land bank collaborated juvenile landscaping everyone although flipped world upside unstructured limited salamander hike egg hunt fishing derby owl prowl fortunately host trunk prescribed precautions event happy sense normalcy loyal 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pur chased foundationscity poured 57 foundations monuments government markers repaired leveled older graves pouring bases invested golf carts additions equip efficiency technician laborer seasonal laborers mowing weed eating diligently grandeur natural beauty acres 600 performing burial removes clearing overgrown pruning deadwood typical incidents damage presents unique challenge minimizing privately owned headstones fence front underwent significant 2000 feet iconic cast iron mended broken welded bolts pole barn workspace issue lytle monitoring west section clear near eventually jeopardy cut retaining wall interfere thanksgiving assumed responsibility 2015 subject uniform inspection standards unfortunately truss pass ordered until could offset 1900s company identified designation means consideration must given toward restoration preserva contractor rebuild de sign underway pected date volunteerism beautiful recommendations gatherings workdays gather informally prior participate tradition flags veterans garden club sponsor flower beds andrea tacoronte coordinator kirby keltner 2nd floor 69 n 937 382 5458 9094 5134 2059 46 e 260 charles 2244 7961 income tax 1st 6604 1880 494 45177 6339 4781 397 6474 3822 ww 475 1142 2413 3614 analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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