2021-01-21 Council Agenda

2021 1 21 council agenda pdf city agendas and minutes 2f3430112126edacf53c7d5f72cdf244 db48dab862919666bddca93ec54612976979b7cb7aeeb43d44c89924b2300ca1 261×300 _snpcyzlbotin thumb jpg 06 07 11 40 02 1000 00 pdf application wilmington city council agenda january 21 2021 7 30 p m virtual meeting 1 call to order 2 roll 3 pledge of allegiance 4 moment silence 5 president mckay a review and approval the b minutes c clinton metropolitan housing authority appointees i denise stryker ii marian miller 6 mayor j stanforth auditor vance 8 safety service director shidaker three readings on resolution r expressing intent sell surplus items public through an line auction declaring emergency committee reports action 9 revitalization snarr 10 services n eveland 11 finance k fickert 12 judiciary purkey second third reading ordinance no 0 authorizing release special assessments for county land reutilization corporation owned properties o amending s hotel tax 13 works swindler 14 solid waste recycling 15 income report 2020 municipal court 16 open 17 adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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