2021-03-18 Council Agenda

2021 3 18 council agenda pdf city agendas and minutes 7ca10ca7664886b0eb50e7d6fee6da5a d3da9d896921901540d59a9407f0f0b99b1bd2621509300a9cd9f8dc11fb058a 243×300 _znz3je7nvot3 thumb jpg 06 07 11 40 38 1000 01 00 pdf application wilmington city council agenda march 18 2021 7 30 p m virtual meeting 1 call to order 2 roll 3 pledge of allegiance 4 moment silence 5 president mckay a review and approval the b minutes c clinton county convention visitors bureau board appointments 6 mayor j stanforth presentation from dan evers executive director port authority auditor vance 8 safety service shidaker three readings on resolution no r 21 11 adopting final legislation for odot urban paving project rombach avenue us22 pid 110996 in declaring an emergency committee reports action 9 revitalization snarr 10 services n eveland second third reading authorizing submittal proposal with ohio department transportation grant through u s dot federal transit administration fta as authorized under law codified 49 usc section 5339 financial assistance other than urbanized areas funds available public program executing contract within upon acceptance one 12 approving amended agreement bylaws miami valley risk management association finance k fickert judiciary purkey 13 works swindler 14 solid waste recycling 15 treasurer report 16 open 17 adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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