2021-08-05 Council Agenda

2021 8 5 council agenda docx city agendas and minutes d8fda2d900b2330c3880ea794f7a2294 8017efce6cee27c9c83bf47230bf2104262c09bc3197913b2c7ea434b3a957da 12 14 29 17 1000 01 00 zip msoffice application rels document xml theme1 _rels theme settings numbering styles websettings fonttable core app content_types word docprops offset signature directory_entries_this_disk directory_entries_total directory_size directory_offset deflate superfast 2 0 ms dos and os fat vfat fat32 file systems extract_version host_os compression_method compressed_size uncompressed_size last_modified_timestamp data_offset files entries_count end_central_directory compression_speed entries wilmington city council agenda august 5 2021 met in regular session on thursday at 7 30 p m chambers with president mark mckay presiding call to order roll pledge of allegiance moment silence review approval the july 22 202 1 meeting minutes mayor j stanforth code enforcement report auditor vance safet y service director b shidaker second third reading a resolution r 21 28 accepting petition for annexation certain territory into pursuant o c 709 amp 04 ordinance amending codified 1133 03 development procedures chapter zoning authority 1135 11 certificate appropriateness enforcements repealing 1302 historic districts design board committee reports action revitalization snarr services n evelan d finance k fickert judiciary purkey public works swindler solid waste recycling open publi djournment words analyze unzip xml2txt timings

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