Agenda 080216

1022 agenda 080216 pdf boards and commissions design review board 1470148844 5b555671baed29a49bf1e71dc0f0c6b6 7625af6475878f09ca09a938f3c85d1edc78d5aa58bbada3c40390886cb43f8f 300×210 _ar04m7lweotx thumb jpg 2016 08 02 10 40 44 0 1000 01 pdf application design review board regular meeting august 2 2016 4 15 pm agenda i call to order john schum leilani popp chris walls ii introduction code enforcement officer mark wiswell iii old business a minutes july 11 b report from clerk iv new certificate of appropriateness for the general denver hotel 81 w main street v adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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