Board Agenda 060517

1036 board agenda 060517 pdf boards and commissions of zoning appeals agendas 1496669598 dbafa990f1315987229ab14b4789f4bb 9bd3556b825fe2c5ac715e9ca87e0859c7626bf617f79f33c3d659de54a1e4b1 210×300 _ht1jholgr4ms thumb jpg 2017 06 05 09 33 18 0 1000 01 pdf application city of wilmington board zoning appeals monday june 05 2017 regular meeting 7 00 pm agenda call to order pledge allegiance roll approval minutes april 3 new business item 1 opening public hearing regarding 2 identification and subject a the clinton county homeless shelter wishes construct parking lot at rear home located 382 w main street this is continued discussion on request for variance section 1153 024 c exceed maximum coverage allowed by planning code they have also submitted requests variances sections 1165 b1 b2 f g all in regards development requirements staff report read 4 swearing any individuals who wish speak applicant presents 6 comments from proponents opponents 8 other 9 s time refute an evidence or testimony 10 deliberation bza 11 action with reasons findings page healthsource ohio requesting requires 20 buffer strip st proposed that be reduced expansion 140 old adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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