Board Agenda 070119

1666 board agenda pdf boards and commissions of zoning appeals agendas 02759ab0a75e020b4942cb68b85bb9b6 e447fe43382ff405e33352ab794c55c99b813c535dc37fcd6a13d9edd7338b7b 209×300 _urhswl9yjygm thumb jpg 070119 2019 06 25 14 49 mh 0 1000 01 pdf application page 1 of 2 city wilmington board zoning appeals monday july 2019 regular meeting 7 00 pm agenda call to order pledge allegiance roll approval minutes may 6 new business item opening public hearing regarding identification and subject a sm design consulting applicant has submitted 4 requests first variance section 508 3 e allow an increased area ground sign second height third be located less than the required distance from street right way lastly 104 b placed within corner vision clearance triangle staff report read swearing in any individuals who wish speak 5 presents comments proponents opponents 8 other 9 s time refute evidence or testimony 10 deliberation by bza 11 action on with reasons for findings robert caudill 405 single family home have front yard setback excess average houses block 407 part driveway surfaced gravel megan slovak request 12 fence constructed that will exceed maximum allowed not ornamental old adjournment page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages timings

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