1798 board of zoning appeals application pdf boards and commissions 1610645446 53119a8722551704586236b7492eedda f0b34dbdac97c35e579b079cf7f7226b4872bd05dd30eb2099067130f13388d9 243×300 _wfcjd3pucqmc thumb jpg 2021 01 14 12 30 46 for hearing before the city wilmington variance appeal 177 3 142 162 155 120 172 02 13 21 31 37 0 pdf application board of zoning appeals city wilmington ohio building and department 69 n south street oh 45177 telephone 937 382 5134 fax 655 8253 instructions submittal requirements an to appear before the submitted office must comply with procedures outlined herein this packet contains a checklist general written graphic as well forms together all required information be in complete accurate form appearance request will processed by code enforcement official it is responsibility property owner applicant supply necessary copies plans drawings any other relevant order for adequately evaluate incomplete may delay processing filing date shall on which examined found meet described attached schedule lists closing dates applications corresponding hearing due represents final accepted early submission highly recommended assure placement agenda adequate time revisions corrections fees 50 00 accompany also billed legal notice newspaper postage notification adjacent owners certified mail meetings meets first monday month or at times are held council chambers 7 p m representative expected present meeting lack representation result being tabled next please type clearly print address subject property_____________________________________________ name agent_________________________________________________ address____________________________________________________________________ state zip_______________________________________________________________ phone ____________________________ ___________________________________ e mail_______________________________________________________________________ if different from _____________________________________ requesting purpose check applicable boxes variance approval conditional use appealing violation maintenance only requests describe nature variance____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ site section needed example 3 402 2 1 section_______________________________________ requested ______________________________________________________________________________ current circle one dc li sn sc dt mf tn gi mh rr notices inspector summary grounds appeal page_text extracted_title num_pages refer following sections when providing arguments granting 307 5 review criteria factors considerations bza determine that both met conditions upon based particular respect physical size shape characteristics premises adjoining differentiating same district would improvement more appropriate beneficial community than case without b essential character neighborhood not substantially altered properties suffer substantial detriment spirit intent behind requirement observed justice done minimum afford relief achieve 4 adversely affect delivery governmental services g water sewer garbage c consider whether purchased knowledge restriction question yield reasonable return there can s predicament feasibly obviated through some method 6 restrictions action no provisions approved relating buildings land now existing constructed unless after public find such alter except otherwise provided impair light air increase hazard fire flood dangers d diminish marketable value lands congestion streets f health safety convenience comfort welfare provide your below attach additional ________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ _____________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ list names mailing addresses directly across said considered according tax duplicate clinton county auditor extra sheets zip 8 9 10 ___________________________________________________________________________ 11 12 13 14 15 variances ____ later see prior submitting should revise proposed advised inaccurate placed hearings _____ submit plan regards drawn scale contain lines each parcel within last therein exact boundaries dimensions lot title location structures including signs distances front side rear right way marked assumed correct agent assume errors inaccuracies improper signature applicant_________________________________________________ _________________________________ owner______________________________________________________ fee addition you administrative received_______________ paid ____________________ received _______________________________ cash ______________ date________________________________ signature__________________________________ rejected insufficient _________________________ signed _________________________________________________________ analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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