1804 commercial building permit packet fillable pdf public services and zoning applications 6da587d33d8042c8d98fec23a1763e1a bdecfb9ff9330f6ebb7e62b7dc6d311c90f30a192e0d23d2e30cb87331802bc4 223×300 _fy1d75kuok7h thumb jpg 2021 01 14 12 44 28 177 0 162 155 120 172 02 13 21 07 37 pdf application city of wilmington commercial building permit instructions 1 must be completely filled out by applicant 2 fees paid at time payment accepted check credit card money order or exact cash only payments are subject to a 3 processing fee checks made payable applications may submitted electronically emailing wilmingtonoh org paper copy for submissions on new construction we require sets plans projects except those minor repair other work exempted under section 106 the ohio code obc have an architect engineer seal reviewed note all and additions zoning site plan approval approvals separate required permits plot showing following approximate scale street location proposed s existing buildings setback side yard dimensions 4 distance between 5 utilities services property overhead underground b foundation show size footing walls areas thickened slabs piers etc c floor levels overall including gross square footage floors rooms identify use spaces window door locations sizes direction swing d elevation typical wall from footer roof framing thicknesses materials details such as insulation anchor bolts finish grade depth e electrical devices equipment service panel wire schedules pertinent data f mechanical type fuels capacities hvac is change uses compliance with see additional information sprinkler sprinklers if provided indicating water supply layout types heads calculations these shop drawings approved contractor energy ada handicap accessibility revised 2021 13 date ______ no ________________________ this contains that apply structural fire suppression alarm original certificate occupancy industrialized unit demolition owner primary job contact name parcel id address li gi sc dc dt mf mh rr sn tn overlay districts azd h1 pud sr lot subdivision legal description in flood plain yes please provide i nformation state zip phone cell email person secondary 6 prepared title registration 7 feet area addition alteration basement third first second total 8 estimated cost 9 project ownership private public amusement recreational church industrial parking garage hospital institution office bank school utility store mercantile moving relocation restaurant specify group per 302 a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 f1 f2 h i1 i2 i3 m r1 r2 r3 r4 s1 s2 u 602 ia ib iia iib iiia iiib iv va vb structure principal frame masonry wood steel reinforced concrete g number stories above below sewer septic heating fuel propane natural gas oil electricity coal 10 brief page_text extracted_title num_pages schedule 250 00 plus 50 100 sq ft x 75 automatic systems suppressed device 200 qty 175 ea protection electric reconnect line inspection not obtaining 65 preliminary examination hour subtotal board standards unattached accessory less than but still due charge remittance department 69 n south st oh 45177 inspections after excavation completed crumbed forms set staked any rebar placed markers will also checked slab gravel mesh plumbing vapor barrier place perimeter drains damp proofing waterproofing shall inspected prior backfilling rough covering concealment boxes wiring grounding ductwork along stopping draft bracing previous installed you installing blown attic it final drywall hung before taped finished fixtures installation everything operational called official make special ascertain codes requirements enforced exterior interior ready reinspection requested arrival inspector does comply another then 25 assessed further call 937 382 5134 best results day want performs tuesday wednesdays thursdays noon 2019 18 analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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