Press Release – Fluoride 2-23-21

fluoride press release 2 23 21 pdf public services water department 990bda7684a8061795780af8e3ac95ce 74073e0dd8a2e8ee951560a0637af918da96cff53a87f0941e71ce9d09f74a1c 231×300 _ctc7lx9awxvo thumb jpg 2021 24 08 28 05 1000 01 00 pdf application press release for immediate february 23 2021 the city of wilmington will begin adding fluoride to its drinking water on thursday 25 it take about three days fluoridated reach all customers has been added across country decades as an aid in preventing tooth decay only 20 communities ohio don t fluoridate average levels be kept between 0 8 and 1 3 parts per million required by state law environmental protection agency epa regulations operators at treatment plant have certified conduct tests such completed every few hours ensure proper level is other equipment was also installed help monitor a consistent feed discussion s began 2015 after much debate council decided place non binding referendum november 2016 ballot voters approved fluoridation 56 7 percent 43 early 2017 implementation feasibility study confirmed that viable affordable being wrapped up significant harmful algal bloom occurred caesar creek lake event led review entire operation became part larger project which nearing completion now received department health grant 86 417 17 plus interest free loan from support more information can found centers disease control website https www cdc gov index html page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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