March 2015 Presentation Rev 1-28-16

1109 march 2015 presentation rev 1 28 16 pdf parks and recreation 1455635449 138a3904d7923f3c488f6cbe69a9388f 45ddf793362b6f4d7d21ad510d09fddc061acdafff14a4e5b02bc4d334b0c85a 300×225 _8pe0dhokcqlu thumb jpg 2016 02 11 10 49 0 1000 pdf application g oune y e ar wile wh city of wilmington parks and recreation david williams memorial park completion project the tory on sunday october 1 1950 j w denver jr was dedicated a culmination three years extensive fund raising mrs sr her husband who died may 21 1949 their younger son offered an 18 acre tract between rombach fife avenues august 28 1947 as to brother all other clinton county men in world war ii thus began legacy community built developed honor those came before provide recreational opportunities for entire places that have been are now cared under current motto your coŵŵuŶity disĐover play celeďrate fast forward today we system has 9 properties nearly 200 acres includes wide variety sports amenities playgrounds trails conservation picnicking areas board is entrusted with decision making responsibilities include oversight personnel maintenance programming facilities well planning future mission executed by director athletic coordinator staff along dozens volunteers page_text extracted_title num_pages more aďout funding primarily through 25 mills property tax levy sources program fees donations grants continually improve experience local citizens recently undertook survey many insights including 86 230 responders believe most important service or function proǀide safe ĐhildreŶ based how possibilities were ranked splash skate chosen pursue why these options expressed desire strategically they fit operating model offer low high value outdoor yes would love public pool indoor rec center but simply not realistic at this time great location existing parking restrooms underutilized 3 abundance water space be repurposed artist renderings show might look footprint kroger clintmont baseball field there really no denying serve ages ability levels use resources encouraging residents participate fun healthy endeavors history successful projects support right entity undertake type endeavor invest ofteŶ ǀieǁed aŶ iŶdiĐator ĐoŵŵuŶity s ǁell being if it indicates people our visit considering living working building business here heritage passed down us ďuild ďriŶgiŶg together ĐreatiŶg ĐoŵŵoŶs gathering place heroes pursuits promote wellness sense vibrant appealing economic development bringing visitors educational settings education partner opportunity do currently exist locally supporters written activities regularly drive dayton cincinnati enjoy will long true from demonstrated outpouring surveying social media online petition letters emails meetings what budget details total estimated 450 000 stretch goal 550 proposed cost breakdown design engineering 30 construction 170 150 stewardship 50 walkways landscaping site furnishings electric contingency date land match required natureworks 26 932 skatepark association pledge 15 19 500 improvement 9128 foundation additional when 425 raised healthfirst commissioners 63 233 miscellaneous 5550 restricted 2000 trees status january 2016 still need raise 60 reach 160 commitments needed commitment council committee general form willing businesses organizations individuals financial assistance please help ŵeet while young donors recognized signage shamelessly brag about you every naming rights 100 149 leader 99 builder 49 luminary 10 24 distinguished 5000 9999 benefactor 1000 4999 999 sustainer 499 supporter up friend made considered charitable gifts deductible information supporting contact lori kersey 382 4781 lwilliams ci oh 69 n south street 45177 check out facebook discover celebrate timeline fundraise 2017 complete input april grand opening summer 3q rev 16 cit o f wi lmi ng t p ark d r ecr ea ti da vid willi ams memori al compl pr oject ile oun sund oct ober 5 den v er wil l i memor dedi c ed cul minati hr ee ear x ensiv ai si mr de ver am h hu sba nd die 2 4 hei dav off re he 8 ac ract wee om ba fif venu aug 7 thei b rother ll ou th beg eg acy omm uni ho bui elope nor ose ame ec onal opportun es en pl aces ha und cur mot pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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