Minor Subdivision Application

minor subdivision application fill in form pdf boards and commissions planning commission applications_and_forms 290bac83ead8786a0d315c30c956c639 5dcb21c05dfc8d660ba46ccdb6888da707e73f2870e16322b92305fce2173a82 204×300 _eetlwm7waf19 thumb jpg 2019 12 08 15 applications forms 1000 01 00 pdf application director of public service 937 382 6509 engineer s office 1553 fax 69 n south street wilmington ohio 45177 city minor subdivision administrative approval five lots or less regulated by revised code 711 131 file no date received effective february 1 2003 supercedes all other versions this the planning commission reserves right to refuse accept an that is not neat legible and complete may formally applications unless information requested provided as instructed please print name applicant agent ______ address state zip telephone owner zoning district host parcel intended use be created residential commercial industrial specify continued remaining acreage number previously split from assigned building department read carefully submit following description attach separate sheet legal copy 2 plan a shall attached showing registration seal signature surveyor b proposed division land at scale than 50 c adjoining parcels d north point arrow e plat boundaries lot line dimensions f center way easements g previous blocks their numbers h direction drainage i location vicinity map j section approved on _____ day _____________ 20__ mayor _______________________ clerk_________________________ undersigned applies for under certifies material submitted with true correct best his her knowledge belief only reviewed action comments fee due 15 00 paid check receipt refer regulations list shown page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages timings

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