Minutes 2018-1-4 Exhibit A

minutes 2018 1 4 exhibit a pdf city council agendas and 2ad4f98799ca5f05bd8a2b16061d4a39 a29db8485f59b1f496e2ca619031c1f10641d004c9ef118e07e0654963131842 236×300 _4enwwxosclux thumb jpg 05 07 08 54 24 1000 00 pdf application president of council remarks 1 4 2018 as i am very excited about the prospect starting a new year with this group members all whom feel can call friend it is important for to have intelligent debate ask probing questions and deliberate effectively on issues that affect citizens wilmington truly believe diverse made up both men women young older being political parties will honestly work together govern city in best way possible think was said by retiring councilman joe spicer his at last meeting december upon elected first term he offered two pieces advice one came from democrat who told him run party but once you are goes away represent only second late bob mead stand what right even if standing alone closed stating always do campaigned been therefore asked their interests should heed s when making decisions not any special interest more importantly just couple housekeeping items would like set some common sense guidelines addressing be recognized chair before statement floor hope comments unless germane discussion hand end during public comment portion please keep your 3 minutes which time notified clerk no than 5 going need contact prior approval know get started so let page_text extracted_title num_pages presid en t co u n c il re m arks cil ver y ex cited abo p ros ect ew e ar g rou b ers o f eel cal l riend v er rtan r h av intellig d eb ate rob q estio an deli erate ef ectiv ely issu es th af w tr believ iv erse bo estly eth go ern cit bes wa ss ib le k est reti ring cou jo spic rks ca ro de cr ld hi arty ce elec aw ay ep rese ly seco ead wh stan thin ig ev sta alon cl sed statin alwa hav aig ed een electe citiz theref represen eir terests eliev sh eed j ad ice ak rtant ecisio rs sp ecial inter coun rtantly iti zens ing ton ju st hous ek eepi ite bein rst eetin wou sen se gu id elin citizen ressin wo rec ized chai state lo un less ger dis cu io ered eeti du lic po rtion pl ea eep ts tes ich ti wi ll tif ied pleas con tac prio ap roval adobe ucs analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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