Park Board Mtg 3-6-2017 Minutes

1153 park board mtg 3 6 2017 minutes pdf parks and recreation agendas meeting 1491914472 72fd5b24d91ba4efe776faf377621d82 b50e403a8e8a2b8b0c027b645462d049fb741860f966e10cf2458709d6596d11 214×300 _oullbnsoog1m thumb jpg 04 11 08 41 12 0 1000 01 pdf application wilmington parks and recreation meeting march 6th 2017 th park board met on monday 6 at 6pm in the service director s conference room call to order popp called 00pm greetings roll members present seeger excuse absent made a motion president butcher seconded by all yeas passes also lori williams city council member mark mckay clerk annen stuckert review acceptance of minutes was defer february 13 as following month passed minute deferred old business 1 clinton county historical marker group taken around sights they concluded that would be best place 2 update scheduled events stated easter egg hunt big deal again this year general overview 3 grant updates odnr aquatic education 2016 700 left will used purchase fish once water level goes down b submitted for police partnership take 2018 it partners with department cody juillerat is point person pd who an avid fisherman c natureworks round 22 awarded 26 932 project must complete december d land conservation fund agreement 150 000 reimbursement completed november e american academy dermatology shade structure program reported did not receive f 23 engagement children holmes school talking about new playground equipment southeast neighborhood having pizza party talk more planning future g 24 due may based population 15 competitive within only taylor still working splitting up among could 10 25 match approve 4 david completion status overall fundraising going well showa has given 5 towards memorial wants go specifically toward skatepark he hopeful able get additional funding along have discussed options like me ccsa raising current no report engineering plan engineer sign off plans cost try them signed because are building actual final 50 work should done friday give information materials state capital budget bill said approved start moving forward currently 98 restroom rehab both required june using contractors she john stanforth public library fitness zone college alex rhinehart helping received 20 from health alliance need 7 july fireworks bible baptist church opted out short discussion other partnering 8 branding initiative look trying capture main feature each 9 shelter reservations date 51 security camera there 500 cameral but 12 interested office jeff linkous partner cameras 11 banner email marketing mail chimp send 275 financial maintenance supplies 1390 donations memory matt supplemental appropriation line accept donation 5000 600 lwcf item these were foundation legacy athletic coordinator soccer practices started great turn outs t ball softball baseball begun week moved registration further advance helped games played rotary field until hood repaired birdwatching area dedicated 18 am birding stations available adoption trail been set 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