Parks And Recreation Department – SOC 2015

parks and recreation department soc 2015 pdf annual reports 5d196a7776037578435070715d7af300 2d52e05be83c07005873170e5900a3c159690a389b4122daabbfcbf648c5b309 256×300 _r4xlaqmiqbnl thumb jpg 2017 12 20 15 43 04 1000 01 00 pdf application parks and recreation department 2015 year in review your community discover play celebrate there is no doubt that our are valued appreciated we know from both the comments receive consistent use of trails values their park staff board committed to continued improvement assets programs system includes j w denver williams memorial david galvin southeast point lytle creek nature preserve luther warren peace path 4 c bicentennial trail tennis courts located at wilmington high school most recently have added xidas stuckey farm saw many firsts for s celebrated grand opening dog on june 6 this new amenity was made possible by a small but mighty group volunteers who were involved site planning public awareness fund raising project able take an overgrown with brush area turn it into acre plus fun large part grant odnr natureworks program as well donations countless hours volunteer effort including landscaping concrete work laurel oaks students randy tong clinton county master gardeners one last projects another first creation handicapped accessible fishing near pond partnership oberfields wastewater aquatic education ohio division wildlife fueled also permitted us stock fish passport mom which provided gear healthy food august center basketball court patched repainted autumn assistance legacy pickleball lines will introduce sport programming next spring summer over 40 trees planted city thanks tree commission skate spot re purposed continues be popular venue athletes rails installed other features improved page_text extracted_title num_pages old shelter completely rebuilt labor rick john stanforth donation cornerstone foundation tile art created th schools 5 graders artist jennifer furrier unique very swing chad conner best winter sledding child left indoors sleds ensure missed opportunity while pressure local economy general feeling rebound optimistic better days ahead leading edge amenities services can resourcefulness regard utilizing creating alliances partnerships securing sponsorships grants key progress partners included garden club skatepark association united way natural resources baseball interact college career southern state friends k 9 carson kiwanis rotary clubs polaris healthfirst american legion riders others athletics great online registration big all parties numbers grow sports leagues 210 adults 1170 youth 90 coaches dedicate time make successful previous years rules put place help improve overall clinics done girls age groups some former varsity players hit competitive picked up quickly soccer 280 kids signed had pre 30 registered instructors season ran smoothly cooperation weather officials do job softball since 2011 500 530 played what wettest ever two full weeks row where games cancelled rainouts still finish before july 4th holiday game umpiring duties once again current continue excellent adult success increase volleyball sunday nights playing doubleheaders each week even issues finished timely manner fall highest 209 few unlike cooperated came down championships run did teaching young making experience enjoyable look forward 2016 improvements looking slate opportunities toward eventual splash pursue goal restroom playground develop playscape using materials hard generosity wonderful must determined resolve care formally begun 1950 dedication facilities these let how you would like get indeed build submitted lori kersey director par creat io n de p artm ent yea r rev ie y o ur m u i t ha ou omm unit pa rks e va lued nd ppr iate d tha fr om bot h nts ive onsi stent tr il mm v lues ks rk sta f b oa rd ted onti nue im pr ove ment ssets ogra ms st nc ludes nve li moria l vid memor ial g lvi outhea oint ly le cre na tur se ve uthe rr he ice ntenni tra te nnis cour ts loca mi ng ton hig hool mos ntl dde xid tucke rm stem lebr ope nin une menit wa pos sibl ight roup volunt rs invol sit pla nning publi ss fu isi ojec ble ro wn br ush int un proje mad possi rge rt ra nt od nr ture or rog ll man don ti ons ff inc ludi landsc ping onc wor ude cl co unt maste ne anothe irst dica ppe ssi ishi po rtne rship ob rf ields stew rtmen aqua educ divis ion fe ue oj lso per tt oc ssport lt aug ust nte ba sketb tche utum assis tanc rom dn und add pickle wi roduc prog ing x sum mer ov plante cit nks lar tre iss volunte pu rpose popul thl inst ther sout nit complete buil la bor ick ohn tanf dona rstone ound hools nnife rie ins talled ga popula sw cha con me venu sleddin chi ld ft ndoo ovided sle ds ensur ssed oppor tuni hil ssure lo nom bound opti sti da lea ding am ies rvic analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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