Parks Banner Flyer 2015

1154 parks banner flyer 2015 pdf and recreation 1424207074 bf7272209fc15b8f5b3eb5a8f8d74b7b 41b01c5ece23785cc52e535de54e3f2ebb306c7bb7bd49f061e3ea70f1bc01fc 234×300 _rc9yludbarte thumb jpg 02 17 04 34 0 1000 01 pdf application support city of wilmington parks and recreation youth programs the is offering a great opportunity for local businesses organizations to reach thousands people who visit j w denver williams memorial park each year banners will be placed on ball field fences duration 2015 playing season approximately may through october with your company or organization s name graphics are available in two sizes 275 4 x6 large fields 225 3 small color advertising banner help provide you valuable community exposure if purchased 2014 it re usable condition save 25 cost includes print ready graphic additional information please contact preparation an as needed basis lori at 382 4781 35 hour note that board make checks payable return commissioners reserves right reject do not meet our tasteful kid friendly 69 north south st oh 45177 standards ___ yes i would like participate new business _________________________ program my check enclosed me ________________________________ talk about artwork address _____________________________________ call tell more phone _______________________________________ email ________________________________________ being sports preferred placement location ____________________ sponsor but did know donations public donation tax deductible page_text extracted_title num_pages t he wil mingt p ar k r e cr ea ti f eri ng g op un y o b us nes iza eac h ou peo ple wh v isit d n er wi lliams m emori al c banne place eld en ces ur 2 015 pla yi sea so pp x ima tely ma hr ough wit up am vide alu l comm xp os u pu ased ba nn 20 14 nd sa le co iti ic gra ila si 5 ci ilm bo iss ig id ly ad io fo se ri willia 8 7 1 ya ret rn rec 6 9 no ine ganiz ion contac ame _______ ddres plac em loc ______________ ______ kn ow tha ub lic par ks reat rog ra ta ed uc wo uld li ke rt ip te rk ec ont lk bout twork lea ll tel ore ein th spo sp onsor ot dona supp yo uth orts su ppor ty ming pa out pr ogram cps adobe ucs pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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