1722 petition for rezoning pdf boards and commissions planning commission applications_and_forms 6ab761e6f5426ce3233399d1bbfd6984 2f5e2d94fac2019950749100205711714a26f59e38b6d79c91b1270d6e3b70dd 219×300 _0tgqao2zzxxb thumb jpg map amendment 2019 12 08 15 16 applications forms 178 0 162 155 120 172 2021 07 02 37 pdf application for zoning map amendment rezoning director of public service publicservice wilmingtonoh org to the city council wilmington ohio is hereby made by undersigned following 1 parcel property information id address 2 owner name street state zip phone cell email 3 agent applicant 4 designation change request current classification proposed from check one li light industrial gi general sc suburban commercial dc downtown core dt transition mf multi family mh mobile home park rr rural residential sn neighborhood tn traditional 5 full legal description including acreage attached 6 plat or survey said real 7 use site page list names and mailing addresses all owners adjacent directly across sought be rezoned you must obtain this tax duplicate clinton county auditor attach additional sheets if necessary will also billed notice newspaper postage fees notification certified mail _________________________________________________ ________________________ signature date different please submit your office 69 n south 45177 note applications received past submittal deadline not considered until next scheduled meeting that are complete processed official only on planning commission agenda _________________________ action _______ recommended approval _______recommended disapproval referred ____________________ ______________________________________________ clerk page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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