R-18-06 Exhibit A

r 18 06 exhibit a pdf city council passing legislation resolutions_2018 3e3eec178131aca5c86f319448bb1a17 bd721f5d2e1a050eaa77ed5a79283609802e8bf181c7ba1f62f8b50bb6a16ea5 300×254 _z5dqfrbgd12d thumb jpg 2019 04 08 13 07 30 resolutions 2018 1000 01 00 pdf application mr jermaine isaac city of wilmington parks and recreation 69 n south st oh 45177 as we have discussed it is our intention to sell the subject property located between peterson place luther warren peace path consisting approximately 10 3 acres more or less shown on page 4 your appraisal document from beck consulting inc understand that sale contingent securing clean ohio grant funding purchase land will make a good faith effort work with complete timely manner recently had appraised by an odot qualified appraiser value 41 200 for agree price this project preserve protect unique greenspace available required improvements ongoing maintenance passive sincerely charles kirkendall page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages timings

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